Monday, September 2, 2013

Peace And Quiet

Ahhhhhhhh. The holiday is over. Maybe some of you recognize the instant feel of peace and quiet when coming home after taking the kids to school for the first day. I love it! I even turned of the radio to really FEEL it.

Anywho, I promised to post more after the holiday, since my youngest goes to school now too. This weekend I started a nice project with my new favorite yarn: Creative Cotton and Drops Paris. It's nice and soft and because I can use a size 6 hook it is very easy and fast. (It's also cheap!!) I really love the colors... Feels vintage.

Have some more projects on the go which I will show you soon. And I'm very happy to tell you that I'm moving out of m very VERY small craft room into a quite big craft room. Totally redecorating and painting and stuff, so MUCH fun for me. Not totally sure about the colors yet, but getting there. 

Wish you a happy day with sun and bright colors.

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