Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Yet another 'oldie'

The blanket isn't finished yet, although I did do lots of other stuff that was waiting for my attention.

- painted a shelve that has been lying around for about 3 months yellow
- made a pillow for the pillowcase I will show you
- made a 'mattress pillow' for me to sit on in my own craft room
- did a lot of holiday laundry
- send a postcard to a recovering friend
- subscribed our eldest to a drawing class
- took a nice long bath
- decorated the walls in my craft room
and so on.

It seems like everyday is 24 hours too short. It never stops. I never feel like I'm done. Especially crafty wise. So many ideas, but so little real time to work them out. That's why I will show you an 'oldie'.

This actually is my first crochet pillow. I made it when we were still living in Thailand. I was in my rainbow period... Still like it a lot. For the back I used my loves' old jeans. I like the way that worked out.

I had it lying around with no pillow to put inside it, so I finally made one this afternoon. 

This is the mattress pillow I told you about. Luckily my sister was throwing 2 matrresses away, so I could use them. I used fabric of an old bed sheet. I like the design and colors sooo much! And now I can crochet in style.

I can never get enough of pictures like this. Such color heaven...

There's going to be a yellow top shelve on this one after tomorrow. I painted it today. Don't you just love IKEA??

Anywho that's it for today. I wish everyone a wonderful and inspiring day.

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