Sunday, October 21, 2012

Hush Little Baby

About 2 months ago I made 2 baby blankets just for fun. I had some cotton I brought home from Thailand that was perfect for this purpose. It's nice and soft and the colors are very bright. I used a simple granny square motif and discovered it still might be my favorite. It's just so easy and the color patterns always work out well. Judge for yourself:

The thing I like about this one is that you can use it for either a boy or a girl, even though it's got pink in it. I like this one best. 

Don't you just love the wallpaper as well??? I still do.

For this one I kept it very plain. Just a single crochet edging because I wanted it to be usable for a boy too. I used the join-while-you-go method for the squares.

This one I like as well, but it's a real girly blanket. I had to figure it out precisely because I had only little cotton left. I also used the single crochet edging, but with a nice picot stitch around it.

They even look good together! It's too bad I can't get this yarn here. I really loved it and it was quite cheap as well, even though it's 100% cotton. Thailand is a wonderful country for craft lovers. There is so much to find there. I took many meters of fabric, lots of buttons and beads, but only some yarn... That was a very dumb decision!

Next time I hope to show you another finished blanket...


  1. Gorgeous! Saw them on Pinterest and love them both ..

  2. I love the second blanket, people don't think to use grey but I think it sets off the orange and pink perferctly! Glad I discovered your blog, I'm off for a nosey...


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