Thursday, February 7, 2013

Color Combo

Been doing some shopping, again... Hema is my favorite Dutch store and they have a brand new collection with beautiful colors and designs. I was there for over an hour, admiring all the new stuff and deciding what to buy now, and what to buy later. 'Cause buying I will! Here's part of my selection.

Some pretty wrapping paper (half off), a handy planner/notebook, some matching sticky notes, some masking tape, some printed paper... I was so happy coming home with all this wonderful stuff!

But as you can see there's also some work ahead of me. I bought a book to teach myself to use Adobe Illustrator... Exciting. I never used it before, but thought it might come in handy when blogging and stuff. I wonder if I can pull it of. We'll see (yes, you will too).

But I also found a wonderful blog/website while surfing Pinterest; it's called Photo Card Boutique. I especially love the Color Crush Palette posts on their blog. They are pretty useful when you're not a color wizard and need to know which colors to combine. I always tend to use too many colors, but their paint chips show 5 colors which make a beautiful combination. I love it!! Here are some pic's that will blow your mind!


I also really like the pictures. Don't the pictures capture the colors very well?? Want to learn that too...

That's it for today. Hope you are happy and well. The sun is shining here and it kind of feels like spring. Just a few weeks now. Can't wait!

Have a great day!


  1. You can't beat a bit of retail therapy! and thank you for sharing Photo Card Boutique, I shall definitely have a look at that in more detail. Have a lovely day :)

  2. Kleurrijk en mooi!!!

  3. leuk Jenn, en prachtige nieuwe header heb je!


  4. ah ja de Hema binnengaan, dat gevoel ken ik :-)
    en ik ga zeker ook een kijkje nemen want kleurencombinaties is iets waar ik nogal eens mee in de knoop lig

  5. such colorful purchases, love the choice of wrap paper and tapes. yes, combining colors is one of the toughest tasks we go through while creating., so it's pretty useful to have a look at good color matches.
    have a nice day!


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