Thursday, April 11, 2013

Hello Again

It's been a while... It was quite necessary for me. I did lots of reorganizing, cleaning up and relaxing. And yes, some crafting too. Not as much as I thought I would, 'cause I noticed I needed a break to get some fresh inspiration. I've spent little time watching the computer screen and more just chilling and doing family stuff. I'm not ready yet, but I feel some room for pictures and posts again.

As you can see the new couch arrived. I love it!! It's pretty and sits like heaven. Nice and ferm. And the shade of grey can be combined with every color that pops up in my head. Perfect for me. Can anybody tell me the English word for these flowers? In Dutch it's 'ranonkel', isn't the name just as pretty as the flower itself??

I finally took some time to make a curtain for an open shelve in the kitchen. I'm still not sure about the fabric (although both my girls love it (as do I)). It just doesn't seem to match with all the orange... So I just might change the fabric and sew a new curtain again.

Yesterday I bought some new yarn from Phildar, Phil Thalassa. Only the pink, witch I mixed with some Drops Paris and some Creative Coton. I always tend to mix different brands of cotton, 'cause not a single brand has all the colors I want (you now how greedy for color I am...). I quite like the result. And I still need to make 1 more. It's nice and springy, don't you think? The artwork above was made by me a few years ago with 2 vintage games of Pairs from the thrift store. We always stare at it during meals and have lots of conversations about it.

This is another project I'm working on. A few months ago I started a stripe-rainbow blanket. I hated it. I just don't like granny stripe blankets. So I pulled it all out and started this pastel-rainbow blanket. It's just sooo soft (and heavy). I hope it will be finished before winter, when we can use it, haha.

Have a happy (rainy) day of spring!


  1. Hello! Those beautiful pink flowers are called "ranunculus" in English, very similar! We get them here too! I love your beautiful blog and home. Such a lovely blanket you are making!

    1. Thanx for the information. And for the compliment of course...

  2. Wauw wat een explosie van kleuren in jouw huis en op jouw blog. Ik kom hier via via (zoals dat gaat), ik werd attent gemaakt op jouw memory schilderij. Ik ben groot van van memory, ik kom √°ltijd met memoryspellen thuis na een kringloopronde. Ik heb ook een schilderij gemaakt, iets kleiner (use what you have was het). Maar ik moet zeggen dat het gaat kriebelen nu. Deze heb ik ook, alleen ik geef ook nogal veel weg haha. Dan kan ik weer wat kopen :-)
    Ik heb me uiteraard als volger bij je aangemeld, zowel op blogger als bloglovin.
    Groetjes van Sylvia (zaansezolder)

  3. Oh I love your livingroom! So fresh looking, and your sofa looks great, a colour that can be matched with any colour!

  4. good to see you!!!!
    your pics are so good as vitamin c!!!
    In Italian, we call that flower "ranunculi"....not too different from the Dutch name!!!
    have a good weekend!
    xxxx Ale

  5. I love your style and the colors that you choose are delightful :)
    You remind me of my daughter.
    Have a lovely day.
    Your newest follower, Connie :)


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