Friday, November 15, 2013

Unfinished Business

The last few days I started to loose oversight of what I'm doing... There are too many projects!! It kind of stresses me out. Do you ever get this??


There is the place mats from the Mollie Makes Book. I started one and am just over half way. I must say, I never really like the same stitch and the same color over and over when I'm creating. It gets kind of boring doing it. (Something one would do while watching TV, which I don't anymore...). The result would be so pretty, but I have to find some perseverance in myself.
I also got started on some christmas gifts. I have to be discrete 'cause you never know who's watching, but I'm making something anyone could use and is still doable in the amount of time I have left.

Then there is the Scraps Project. I still haven't decided if it's going to be a blanket or a cushion... Am almost done finishing of the loose ends (from what I have now). I think it would be very pretty as a baby blanket...

Started this on monday evening, when I had a friend over for a crochet night. Maybe I'll make a bag out of this, or will I... So many choices to make, it's driving me MAD!

And I can never restrain myself from starting new projects. I love this color scheme... Blanket or cushion??


I think you get the picture of how disorganized I feel (and am) at the moment. And even though I know I should just finish something before I start something new, I can never withhold myself.  

Another idea I got on mondaynight. It's the same block as the Scraps Project... Works with the thicker yarn too. And will be finished faster... Or should I just wait a while???????

Have a (hopefully) relaxing weekend!

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  1. I wish you 40 hours per day to fulfill your plans! :)))

  2. It's so nice to have a lots of wips around (even if you can feel confused or mad!)…..this just says how much creative you are!!! It'a a good thing!!!
    happy weekend, xxxxx Ale

    1. Thanx Ale. You are always so nice! Have a creative weekend!

  3. Tee hee you just crack me up - I'd say start another one in the thicker yarn too! I love all your wip's and at least you also finish all of them.

  4. I feel the same sometimes, too many projects:) knitting, crocheting. When I am knitting I get plans and ideas for crochet. And I start a new project:)) Love your colors.

  5. I love your colours :) They are so joyful:)
    I also have a million unfinished things that are waiting for their time :) And you're right: it's a bit stressful;)
    Greetings from Poland :)

  6. Oh I love all of your colours, and I can understand you are getting a bit stressed with all the different projects but I like having more than sometimes I find only having one project a little boring, having several gives me a sense of variety!

  7. Thanx everyone for the nice compliments. I already thought there would be some recognition. We're all the same aren't we?!!!

  8. great !
    Greetings from Poland :)

  9. How about a bag ?? It would be nice with all those marvelous colors !
    ps: I love the touch of fluo !!
    I guess you will be very busy this WE 😉 !

  10. You are not alone and I too get pretty stressed out about it. There's never enough time to make what I want and then there's the added dilemma that I'm a completer- finisher but one that gets bored if working on the same thing for too long. I hope some refocusing work for you, sometimes I just have to take the back burner and any other projects out of the equation and focus on the task in hand, oh so tough!! Xo


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