Monday, August 25, 2014

Monday Chit Chat

Just a monday 'Hello!' from me to you and some eye-candy to brighten up your day. Do you see the lovely scissors with the little geisha on it? In pink and yellow no less, my favorite colors. This was a present from my man (he is starting to really know me!!) and I think it might be the best gift he EVER got me. Don't you love it?? Now I can cut my loose ends in style!

And I just HAD to share these gorgeous Dahlia's with you. They are my favorite garden flower and mine (and my mom's) is full of them. The beauty of it is, I can just plant them again next year, with even better results, and I will get more new ones too, so my garden will be even fuller of this floral abundance. I cut them every day (the more you cut, the more you get) and have little vases with fresh lovelies everywhere!

And these are some new potholders I designed to take with me to the Crafty Almhult Market. I will take lots of goodies with me. Not only crochet, but also fat quarters, beads, buttons... Only 4 more days...

Well, that's it for me today. What are your favorite summer flowers??

Have a flowery day!

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  1. Love not only new scissors, but new coasters as well!

  2. Always beautiful! Thanks for the gorgeous Dahlia!

  3. Almhult market :) sounds like a crafty place ;) .. I live about 2 hours from Almhult and I just might take drive there this weekend. Never heard of this crafty fair..what will you display? or sell ... or ... well what is the crafty fair for?

    Btw...LOOVE your work...<3

    1. Hi Marie, that would be great! I'd love to meet you. It's part of the Familjen Festival and it's an international Craft Market. I will be selling crocheted goodies, but also buttons, beads, postcards, fat quarters etc. Hope to see you there!

  4. Love the pretty colors. Those a bright and happy potholders!

  5. Woww det er så skønne farver du hækler med ;) Elsker din blog, man bliver altid så glad i låget når man besøger den :))

  6. Oh, I love dahlias too! I have some in my little garden, but they have simple flowers. Your dahlias are awesome!
    And you are presenting lovely colors again! We have a cold weather in our country now, the autumn is coming so quick. So your colors are like warm touch! Thank you :)

  7. Greetings from beautiful Bhutan. I love your beautiful bright colorful blog. Thank you for so much for detailed photo tutorial just the one i have been looking for learner like me.


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