Thursday, September 20, 2018

New Flower Square

Those of you who follow me on Instagram already know I've designed a new grannysquare. Today I made a chart pattern for you guys to use. I plan to make a tutorial next week. My first after a looooooong time. Exciting!!

I've loved making these squares. They are so bright and colorful and I love how they make me feel while making them.

My favorite shade of pink is no longer available and I must admit, that kind of made me angry at first. How could they??? But than I started using the new pink, a little brighter, a little more 'in your face' and I kinda got used to it. It really pops out, don't you think?

For those of you who comment on my blog, I love you for it, but I have a problem with opening/reading them. It kind of sucks, because I love to communicate with you and I so appreciate your involvement. Therefor, if you feel the need to respond, please do it on Instagram (JennPoort). It's also possible to comment through Bloglovin'.  I'll make sure to get back to you there!

Hope you enjoy the chart! Have fun!!

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