Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Inspiration Time!

Last week the yearly KreaDoe beurs, a big crafty fair in Utrecht, took place. Although I'm having some trouble with my health (CFS) I couldn't resist to get inspired and have a look. It was a wonderful day, starting with a nice train ride (I really miss them sometimes). It ended with me and a few bags full of crafty stuff I just couldn't resist. I must say, I held myself back quite bravely and only bought materials I will really use. That's hard sometimes don't you think? Not getting greedy...

Want to see some of my treasures??

Of course some new yarn couldn't be missing from my shopping results. I recently found just the right color of orange cotton (I've been looking for it for about 2 years!) from a brand I didn't yet know. I hoped to find some more at this fair, because on the internet you just can't feel the yarn and it's not possible to be sure about the colors. And the first stand I visited actually had this brand of yarn, called Rio. In real life the colors were just as bright and wonderful as on the net! Don't you love it when you find new colors?

These iron-on-applications, from Dotties Design, will look so pretty on my girls' t-shirts. Now I only have to make time to actually iron them on. I will show you the result when I'm done...

I never bought quilt fabric before, 'cause I'm used to buying fabric per meter. But when I saw the beautiful quality and patterns of the Tilda fabric I couldn't resist. And to be honest, buying fabric like that per meter is a bit too expensive... So I bought some fat quarters for the first time and figured I could use it as a back for my crochet pillows. Don't you just love the patterns of this fabric?

And at the last minute I bought this, well, I don't know what it's called in English. In Dutch this is called a 'letterbak'. I can't resist them and because it is shaped like a little house and it was cheap I had to take it with me. Another project I have to find the time for...

Overall it's just so much fun to go to a fair like this. Everybody feels the same way and you see lots of inspiring things. There were some things that were tempting to buy, like hundreds of different stamps, scrap punches, paper, books. It wasn't easy to resist, but knowing how I love crochet and how time consuming it is, made me realistic enough to let them pass by. There nothing as depressing as all that stuff that never gets used. Anyway,  had a wonderful day trip.

Hope you are inspired and that you have a lovely creative day!


  1. I never realized one of my favorite bloggers (you) had CFS (ME/CFS here), like me. I'm quite ill and very limited, could never maintain a blog. Your creativity has been an inspiration to me. Now your ability to do all this crochet, blogging, etc while ill gives me hope for a chance of a less limited life someday! :-) Thank you!

    1. Hi Maschelle, I'm sad to hear you have CFS. It's a terrible illness to have and too many people suffer from it nowadays. I'm glad to say, I got over it. If you're interested in the how you can email me and I can tell you my story. I recovered in less then a year! I wish you strength and thank you for your ongoing support!


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