Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Sadly my wrist and hand are showing some signals of overcharge by the crochet hook. I have tot take a crochet break which isn't easy for me at all and I'm not sure if I'm going to succeed... But lucky for me, I have other hobby's like sewing, decorating, cooking, collage making, so there's no reason to get bored.

I took this chance to tidy up my craft room and absolutely love the result. My desk is almost empty, after weeks off not being able to see the beautiful formica desktop. I even removed the Billy (IKEA) to my love's room and have much more space in my micro work place.

I love the light coming in to the big window and am happy with my expanding wall collage of pictures and illustrations. I am collecting masking tape although I'm not really using it yet. That's a common issue with us crafters, I think, so many ideas (and so greedy) but always too little time. My hands just don't seem to be able to keep up with my head. 

I love this little burst of creativity. Am in LOVE with the little Blythe dolls and particularly this little cowgirl. The Cherry Coco Diary I bought in Thailand and love it too much too write in it yet, hence the  display. Found the box years ago at a thrift store and that's a beautiful illustration of why it's sometimes okay to be greedy. It might always come in handy. Oh, and to be honest, love Littlest Petshop and own about 11 Piny Pons. Have to keep feeding that little girl inside me sometimes. It's my luck I have 2 girls, so I can buy them Hello Kitty t-shirts and toys and stuff. Familiar??

My first Mollie Makes. This happens to be the first Dutch version, so I was lucky. Although I don't really like the patterns this month I do like some pictures and since I'm also big into collage I had to have it!

The shelves expanded with a yellow and pink one and I like the result. Color always makes me happy.

I wanted to tell you guys I had a crafty night with four friends last monday. But sadly I totally forgot to take pictures. Too bad. It was great fun and everybody was inspired. We are going to make a monthly thing out of it and next month I'm going to teach them to crochet. So exciting! Next month I'll take pics, I promise...

That's it for now, it's a bit depressing seeing my unfinished blanket laying around like this. But hey, it's a good opportunity to broaden my horizon and get some other stuff done! 

Have a great day.

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