Thursday, December 27, 2012

Holiday Crafting

I always try to keep 1 day free during christmas. This year we succeeded again! We've spent the second day of christmas  in our pajama's watching movies and (well I did!!) crafting. I made this pillow for the big girls room.

First I drew the letters on paper, then I traced it on felt with a pen. I mirrored the letters so you wouldn't see the lines once you attach them to the fabric.

I attached the letters by first using a teeny bit of glue so they'd stay in place. Then I sew them with quite a big stitch. Easy peasy. Had it finished in about 2 hours. Love the fabric, don't you.

What I also like about this pillow is that I reused a pair of old jeans. I love to work with jeans 'cause it's so solid. I still have a lot left. I also used it in this project.

Oh, and I also finally decorated the type case I bought some time ago. Like it?

Have a lovely day and do something fun!


  1. A beautiful cushion with such vibrant colours.

  2. a very happy and lovely pillow!!!
    I craft every day : I can't stop it!! So much fun and relaxing moments!!!
    xxx Ale

  3. Oh I love your new pillow! I too work with old blue jeans (I've been quilting with them). I love your crochet pillow - such beautiful colors!

  4. Saw your guest post on Barbara's blog. I joined your blog sometime back and loved all the colourful creations you have made:) do visit mine.


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