Monday, December 17, 2012


How was your weekend? I started a new project last weekend. It's weird, 'cause I'm only using black, white and grey in this project, which is nog my cup of tea normally. I like it anyway. It's a present for a dear friend of mine and she loves black and white. I hope to have it finished by next monday as a late birthday present.

I'll show you more once it's done.

Anyway, I wanted to ask you something. The last tutorial was so much fun to make and the responds were so enthusiastic, that I decided to make another one. I was planning to make one for these potholders.

You can see the front and back in these pic's. I love to make them. It's easy and a real nice present to make for anybody. Although there are more tutorials about this potholder, I altered the pattern and like it better this way. Can you guys let me know if it is desirable for me to make such a tutorial? 'Cause it's going to be a lot of work and I only want to do it if people are interested.

Tonight I'm having my second craft night, with 6 ladies (instead of the 4 last month). The group is growing! Tonight I'm going to teach them how to crochet. It's very exciting, because I don't know if I've got the skill to teach... We'll see. And you'll see as well, because tonight I am going to take pictures. (If I don't forget again, haha). I made 6 readers with the article that got me to crochet. (It's an article from Sarah London in Flow magazine, 3 years ago). Everybody bought their own hook and I'll supply the yarn and knowledge. Looking forward to it!

Craft away everyone!


  1. love the b&w&g crochet for your friend!!!
    I would love a tut for your pot holders!!!;oD
    xxx Alessandra

  2. your new project is working up so quickly! (My kind of project! *grin*)
    I would love a tutorial on the potholders! My grandmother (or great grandmother?) used to make these (I still have 2!) I'd love to make more!

  3. What stunning and fabulous colours your latest project is.
    I would love a tutorial, but only if you are able to.

  4. Wat haak je netjes! EN wat een werk zoveel rondjes! Het wordt vast mooi. Suc6 vanavond with the ladies.

  5. Het lijkt me geweldig om deze te haken. Zou er graag een tutorial van willen.
    fijne week, groetjes Ester

  6. I recently bumped into your blog and I love it. Your blog is coming up well. Very full of life because of the colours :)

    Yes. Why don't you come with a tutorial for the pot holders? I promise you. I'll make one and post a pic....

    Have a great day

  7. I think I'll make the tutorial and I'm curious how your versions are going to be!

  8. I would like to make one of your potholders, as yours look so beautiful. I certainly would appreciate a tutorial.

  9. Hi Jenn.... You have an award on my blog :)

    1. Thank you very much Aishwarya! I'm working on the post, but it might take me a few days. Congratulations on yours!

  10. have fun! I like the look of the pot holders so yes I would be interested. Also black grey and white is looking good, I bet you were tempted to add in a slash of something else!! Heather x

  11. geweldige deken in de maak, met al die kleuren grijs. Prachtig!

  12. Oe, het wordt een kussen. Moet er niet aan deken om al die vierkantjes als hele deken aan elkaar te moeten haken...

  13. Wow, I'm so pleased you commented on my blog, these are really beautiful as well!

  14. i started crochet a few months ago and yes! i'm really interested in your tutorial.
    i really love potholders and yours look beautiful :)
    andrea from argentina

  15. Love your blog. Lots of fun projects.
    Yes a tutorial would be lovely this pot holders are sooo pretty!

  16. Hi Mcteri, this tutorial does already exist. It's here: Have fun!!


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