Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Color Bomb Stool

YESSS!!! I've finished one of my projects again. And I LOVE it! I love the colors and have been wanting to do this for quite some time. 2 Weeks ago I found the right stool in the local thrift store. And around christmas I found a round stool at my mother in laws', so there's going to be a sequel... But first check out this one.

Do you see the washi tape around my finger? It works perfectly for when the yarn starts carving into your skin... I know, I'm hooked, but it works much better than a bandaid, 'cause it's smoother.

I'm absolutely in LOVE with my new stool. Sorry, I know, STOP! But sometimes you just get the colors right. (I think I will make a series of this color combination). And it was so easy to make. It's going to be used in my new and improved workspace. There will to be more pictures once it's completely done, but here is a preview.

I have so much more space now and it is possible to leave my sewing machine on my desk. Although I really loved my vintage desk (it's going to be picked up this afternoon:( ) I love the extra space I have now. Gives me some calm I guess. And because it's white I can take better pictures too.

Well I'm totally happy today. The sky is blue, the world is (snow) white and the sun is shining. A beautiful day to finish such a happy project...

Hope you too have a sunny day!!


  1. love the stool and your picture wall. I'll be interested to see what you do for the round stool. I have one to cover but haven't decided quite what to do yet. It's true a white desk makes for good pictures! Heather x

  2. Your stool looks great,the colours are amazing! They remind of the colours in the fruit salad sweets that I ate when I was young :)

    I also love the storage of your yarn in boxes on your wool, looks awesome!

  3. Your stool looks fabulous, I love the vibrant colours.

  4. I love EVERYTHING about this post! Can't wait to see the sequel :)

  5. Beautiful, indeed!!!! I love your working area, too : really bright!!!
    I'm curious to look at the sequel!!!
    happy day, xxx Ale

  6. Very inspiring working space you've got! I just discovered your blog, beautiful!
    Groetjes van Ellebel (

  7. You have a fabulous work space! Love the colors! :)

  8. so nice colors!!

  9. Lovely blog, coming in from your guest post in Made-in-K-town. Absolutely love your color palate and your creative space especially the yarn storage shelves :)

  10. Bello lo sgabello colorato come il tuo angolo di lavoro
    Ciao a presto Bruna
    Ti invito nel mio blog

  11. Just found your blog through your guest post on Made in K Town. I love all your beautiful, colorful projects. I'm following along and can't wait to see all your projects :)

  12. Oh wow! I love the colors! Awesome stool!!!

    T'onna @ Submarine Sunday Link Party

  13. Awww, What a perfection! Love love it!

  14. It's so adorable!! And what a genius idea to use washi tape on your finger! I seem to have a constant indentation in my finger; people are beginning to ask if I'm trying to cut off my finger :P Thanks so much for sharing! :)

  15. It's so pretty! I've started crocheting a few weeks ago and I can't stop daydreaming about new projects!

  16. fantastic idea.. to cover a stool top... ... question: how did u attach the elastic band at the end or what did u use to make it fit around the top of the stool? ... thank you

    1. I didn't use elastic. It's kind of elastic itself, but I must admit, sometimes it comes of. You just make it smaller at the end by decreasing the stitches. I suppose you could also insert a ribbon of some kind to keep it in place. Good luck!


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