Wednesday, January 2, 2013


HAPPY NEW YEAR everybody!!! Thank you for joining me in the new year. Time to throw out all the christmas decorations and in with some fresh new stuff.

Normally I don't make them, New Years' Revolutions, but crafty wise I have to this year. As you might have noticed I started about a thousand projects, but haven't finished a lot of them lately. So I'm making a to-do-list... And it's totally illegal for me to start anything new until I've completed at least 3 of them. Yep, that sounds about right.

First some of the projects I did finish, for encouragement. I love that I learned to put some pictures together in a frame last week! Now the pictures don't take up so much space...

Doesn't it look pretty and colorful all together?? They make nice collages.

But now for the unfinished ones...

I'm only showing you a few, 'cause it's too depressing otherwise. The first picture shows you all the beautiful fabric I bought a few months ago. I want to make some pillows with matching yarn. I'll make a tutorial on how to make the crochet/fabric backings.
The second picture shows a pretty potholder, missing a brother and also a tutorial I promised (which I am working on... It's just a lot of work).
The third is the Color Bomb Blanket, which has been lying around, untouched for weeks. That's not right! It's so beautiful and fun to make.
The last picture show you my newest project. The rainbow blanket for my little one. It's going to be quite big, so I might want to stall that one a little bit....

Anywho, enough to do for me. Don't have to bore myself this year.

What are you guys working on??

Have a very lovely day in January!


  1. Thank you so much for sharing your projects with us. After about a 30 year gap I am in the middle of patchwork, and it's coming along nicely.
    Happy New Year to you and your Family.


  3. I have yards & yards & yards *yikes!* of vintage fabric goodness to be turned into quilts. I have far less yarn for crocheted goodness afghans & scarves (the scarves will be Christmas pressies for next December - yes! I give myself an entire year to get them made!) maybe I'll actually start my own blog huh? *grin* Well...I have started it - I just haven't made a post yet! *lol!*


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