Friday, November 8, 2013

Scraps Project II

As some of you know I have a lot of scraps. This much, to be exact... It's a lovely color circle, don't you think? So it needed to get some attention and after making this cushion cover I wanted to do something else. I designed a little granny flower square and got going.

I'm so in love with it I can hardly put it away. All my other projects are being neglected because of the fun I have making these little colorful flowery circles. I think I can call this another Color Bomb, don't you?!

At first I thought of making it into another cushion cover, but since I'm having so much fun, it'll probably turn into a baby blanket. Although my couch could go with a little color explosion (especially since the weather is so grey nowadays...).

So now you know what's keeping me busy... Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Ah, here I am logged in as Pigtails now!
    Yummy, it is like Christmas at your place everyday. Love the scraps, and the result!

  3. I love the fresh colours you use!

  4. Oh my, you are really spoiling us with some gorgeous projects Jenn!! Definitely another color bomb indeed. Your crochet work is a joy to see, thank you :)

  5. I love this panel colorful! It's beautiful!

  6. This are the best yarn scraps ever, wish I would have such a burst of colour in my scrap stash, too! Love also your pattern, what a great way to brighten this grey, dark and often rainy november days.
    With best wishes,

  7. Wat een heerlijke kleurtjes! Ik heb ook zo belachelijk veel. Veel haakplezier.
    Groetjes Ilona

  8. HayHay!
    Wat een mooie kleurenpracht! Fijn weekend!
    Ik ben aan t oefenen om te leren haken maar vind het nog niet zo makkelijk al die steken.
    Veel oefenen dus!
    Liefs Danielle

  9. Gosh, the colours are lovely and bright and the blanket is gorgeous. What wool are you using as I need some brights myself.

    1. For this project I used about 4 brands of cotton. Catania, Phil Cotton, Katia and Rio. It's all the same thickness and quality. Have Fun!

  10. Beautiful squares! I love your color choice so much! Have a happy weekend!

  11. It's a gorgeous color combo. Congratulations!

  12. Love your work, as always! I'm still a beginner, and when I tried to make a pretty like you have done here, the edges curled, and I had an inspiration..I added a few rounds with the same number of stitches, but in a different, tighter stitch. I made little mini bowls! I keep them on my nightstand, and at night, put any jewelry I still have on into them before going to sleep! My first bowls! They are so cute and colorful! Thank you for sharing your work. I will definitely buy your patterns is you put them in your Etsy store. I hope you end up putting some patterns there. :-D

  13. It's so nice to hear you gave this your own twist. That's the whole point, I think, of tutorials. And now you can enjoy them every day! A little bit of color in you life. Thanks for sharing!


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