Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Go With The Flow

At the moment in Holland (at least where I live) the weather is super nice. Sunny and a little chilly. It feels like spring is already in the air, and the light is magical! (Except when you're driving a car, than you can't see a thing...). Anywho, it always makes me a little restless and uppity, the first days of sun after a whole lot of grey. I was planning on making a tutorial on the Black-White_Grey square (or the flower square V) and it took me much longer than I estimated. And then all of a sudden my man stood in front of me, to take me out on a nice long walk in the sun, with our misbehaving dog. I couldn't resist... So no tutorial today. I will do my best to get it finished thursday or friday.

So I decided to go with the flow today. That rarely ever happens. I did finish this granny square blanket. It has been lying around for ages just waiting to be finished. I'm gonna make some pretty pictures of it soon. I really REALY love this color combo!! And it's so nice and soft and very warm too.

And this is what I'm still working on now. I love the square, but am still not sure how to join them. A with edge doesn't work, so this is what I came up with... Also not sure about this though...

Well, I'll keep you posted! Have a lovely tuesday!

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  1. Pretty granny blanket :-) I love the bright colors. I hope you enjoyed your walk. We have a misbehaving dog, too.

    1. Haha, I know. It's terrible, but you got to love them right??!!

  2. Zoals altijd...heel mooi, fantastische kleuren.

  3. Whatever the season, it's always spring when I come in here! I love your white flowers surrounded by colour. Their freshness makes me want to sing!
    Your finished blanket surrounded by blue is so lovely too.
    You did well to go for a walk when the sun was out... tutorials can wait for a rainy day!

  4. HayHay!
    Prachtige haakcreaties!
    Heerlijk he dat weertje!
    Ik heb vandaag ook een wandeling gemaakt in het zonnetje met mijn hondjes :-)
    Liefs Danielle

  5. Wow - that granny blanket is so pretty - the colours are just so happy!

  6. Wow! I was listening to "Ride With the Tide" by Emilie Mover for the first time and she sang the exact words "Go with the flow" just when I saw the title to your post! What do you think that means? I think your extraordinarily colorful Color Bomb blanket may be a great way to liven up these dreary New England winter days. We're due for 6-10" tomorrow and a lot more this weekend. Sounds like perfect blanket making weather! Thanks for the color fixes! They are truly inspirational!

  7. enjoy the sun and the lovely woks!!!!
    you crochet is beautiful and bright!!!
    xxxxxx Ale

  8. Wat een geweldig blog heb jij, heerlijk zo'n vrolijke kleurenexplosie. Daar ben ik dus gek op!
    Ik ben pas sinds kort (weer) aan het haken en daarnaast quilt ik. Ook allemaal met frisse heldere kleuren.

    Groetjes, Suzanne

    1. Hallo,
      ein wunderschöner Blog !
      Und traumhafte Arbeiten, weiter so !
      LG Jaylyn

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