Monday, February 17, 2014

Time Out

It's been busy busy around here the last few weeks. Lots of ideas, developments, questions, comments, emails, suggestions... I'm in desperate need of a time-out. And I'm my own boss, so...

I will be offline for some time. Might take 2 weeks, might take 4, might take 6. I'm not sure yet. I want to refresh my inspiration and I want to get some ideas going. Need to figure out some stuff and want to clear my head a bit. I also really want to do a big spring cleaning of the house, and I feel like doing something else than crochet like sewing, or decorating...

Well, I'm of. See you in a bit! Have an inspiring day!

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  1. Have a lovely rest from being online! It's wonderful, and necessary, to take a break when we feel like it! I know you will return inspired and feeling fresh, just like your colours! See you again with the spring flowers! Sandra

  2. Change is good. Sometimes it's good to just step back, breath and then when you are rested carry on. Looking forward to when you return. Enjoy your break whatever you decide to do.

    Ali x

  3. Hope you enjoy your blogging break Jenn!
    Thank you for sharing your Flower Square III tutorial, I am just making some at the moment using your pattern, and I hope you don't mind that I mentioned and linked to your blog.
    Gill xx

  4. Enjoy the break and can't wait to see you back again! Just loooove your blog! But first things first, sometimes you just need some time for yourself! Xx

  5. You have such a talent for combining colors - so bright and happy - a refreshing click to your blog! EVERY TIME!!!

  6. I totally understand.. Good luck and hope to see you soon (:

  7. Miss you already!! But enjoy your break, you certainly earned it!!

    Patricia x (

  8. Neem je tijd! Pauzes zijn goed, die hebben we allemaal nodig. Groetjes Talitha

  9. I've only recently discovered your blog and will catch up on all your lovely projects while you are away. Enjoy your break.
    Jane x

  10. what a great colors!

  11. Love your colors are an inspiration.
    Have a good break...

  12. Spring is in the air! Enjoy refreshing home and mind alike and see you soon online again. xxx


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