Wednesday, September 24, 2014


I've been a bit confused these last few weeks. Although I really love crochet and love the blog and all that comes with it, I've had some doubts about quitting. Sometimes it's kind of overwhelming. The blog and my shop are always on my mind... I really needed to take things slow a bit.

Naturally I get a lot of energy out of Color 'n Cream. I love to do crafts, not just crochet and I think I will be doing some more like sewing and crafting with felt or paper. I'm also a BIG button-lover... Maybe I just need a little variation. But I also need to spend time with my loved ones and really need to take better care of myself and relax more...

Having said that, I do enjoy my new crochet project a lot. I love to make a new Color Bomb and am planning to make something for myself for a change. I really need a big bag to do my grocery shopping in style!

 So, now you know why it's been so quiet around here. Hopefully the wind has changed a bit. I think it has. And the weather is really going towards autumn, which I love, for crafting is so much more fun when it's cold outside, don't you think? I will keep you posted!

Have an inspiring day!

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