Monday, September 29, 2014

Monday Chit Chat

First of all, THANK YOU for all the kind words and the compassion you've shown me by leaving such nice comments on my latest post. It was so heartwarming and it convinced me even more to keep on going with this blog. Thanks a bunch!!

As you know I got started on some African Flower Action and I'm totally loving it to pieces. I think this is the prettiest project I've ever started. I'm so in LOVE with it! I decided it's going to turn into a new sleeve for my Macbook, since that really needed replacement. And I also decided to make a tutorial for you on how to make one of your own.

It's definitely my happiest project ever, although I did a lot of them. It's a Color Bomb through and through!

The colors inspired me to start something else too. I'm using one of my old patterns, the Circle Granny Square (check out the tutorial). It's turning out quite lovely, if I say so myself. And our iPad needs a sleeve too, so I just keep on going while I'm at it. Some nice stuff for myself, to lift my spirits...

Oh, and tomorrow Miranda from Mier Papier is going to teach me to paper maché!! Looking forward to that!

I hope you have a happy monday!!

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