Thursday, September 4, 2014

Hip Hip HURRAY!!!

Let me start this post with a very happy announcement: My first little nephew was born on the 2nd of september, Benjamin. Oh, how I love that name. He was 5 and a half weeks early but is doing very well. I didn't meet him yet, since I'm in bed with the flue, but I will soon. So exciting!

But I also wanted to show you some of the goodies I brought with me from Sweden and Copenhagen today. I discovered a very very cool shop Søstrene Grene in Copenhagen. I understand they sell all over the world and even in the Netherlands... They sell lots of lovely and also cheap stuff! Look at my pretty mugs and the lovely house boxes. I actually bought those from a new friend I made in Sweden. It's Tina from Blume & Jensen. She is also a crochet (and knit) designer and was very friendly. She even sold me the boxes!!

The drawing pad was also bought there, and the pretty ballerina skewers. As you can see, the rainbow raindrops were made into a little garland. How happy, don't you think?

I also bought lots and lots of interior and craft magazines these last few days. I can't wait to start cutting and pasting the inspirational images in my big inspiration book. And I made another rainbow garland. A granny garland, which was very simple and a quick project.

These are the fat quarters that are left over from the market. They will be for sale shortly in the Color 'n Cream shop and I think they will be part of the Give Away this month... I really got some great fabrics to share!

I will tell you more about the lovely bird-in-a-tree soon. It was made by a lovely girl who I met in Sweden and happens to live very nearby me. I will love to share her work with you...

Have a bright and colorful day!

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  1. Congratulations on becoming an Aunty! Benjamin is a very pretty name indeed: It's one of the only names of which I like the pronoucation in German and in English (usually I like either one)!

    Take care

  2. Happy times, a new baby to love! What lovely goodies you came home with.

  3. Congrats, Auntie Jenn! ;) That does sound rather lovely! Sorry to hear you got the flu, make sure you get plenty of rest and get better soon! And thanks for showing off your colourful bounty from Sweden!!! Those house boxes are adorable! (I got a thing about little wooden houses!) Your garland is sweet and chirpy! :)
    Hugs and: betershap!!!
    Ingrid xx

  4. Gefeliciteerd tante!
    Leuke spullen meegenomen uit Denemarken!!

  5. Gefeliciteerd met je neefje,
    leuke gezellige blog post weer ☺
    Fijne avond ☼
    Liefs van Erica

  6. Thanks a lot Ladies! Saturday I will meet the little prince... Can't wait!!

  7. Such a nice colourful post and I think your 'flu has almost gone because you'll be visiting little Benjamin on the weekend! I like the rainbow drops and the granny garland!

  8. Congratulations with this little newborn nephew. Beuatiful name. Don't cuddle him to much.
    Your garlands are showing the happiness. Gorgeous.

    Have a pleasant day, Margaret

  9. Congrats on the birth of your baby nephew!! A gorgeous and happy post! xoxo


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