Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Pretty Messy

So, I must say, I do hate to clean and tidy up the house, most of the time. I have my moments where I go like a crazy person and clean and tidy up everything, but those moments are very scarce nowadays. I much rather crochet or blog or read or do anything really...

And on top of that I really hate mess. That's kind of ironic, I know. So not only do I hate to clean, I also hate dirt and mess. But this weekend I realized something. I have a lot of colorful stuff, and my kids do too, and my man is as creative as I am, so he has cool stuff too. I looked around and discovered, our house can still be pretty when messy.

But, to be honest, most people would say our house is quite organized, really. I just make a bigger deal of it, than most. I used to have everything organized before the kids came in the picture. Everything had it's own place. Now it always feels messy to me. These pictures don't show the ugly messy spaces, you know. Like the big piles of laundry, the packed kitchen dresser (google translate), the unmade beds or the dusty shelves. I'm not showing you those... 

When looking at the pictures above, you must think I'm crazy. That doesn't look messy at all! When shooting them, it felt so messy to me... Maybe it was everything around it...

Well, never mind. You might understand what I'm trying to tell you. Just do the stuff you like and ignore the mess as much as you can. I mean, you can clean up all the time, but tomorrow (or maybe even in half an hour) it's going to be a Big Pretty Mess all over again.

Have a messy tuesday!


  1. Amen! I feel the same - I hate the mess but I don't want to clean! And I'd far rather crochet than clean, even if it is weaving in ends. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Don't worry we all have our messes and we all hate anyone to see! ha ha. I love to be neat clean and organized and pretty much stay on top of everything, except my studio which is a mess 90% of the time. But I can just close the door and nobody has to know!

  3. Hi there!
    Love your blog the conbinacion color you use is beautiful!
    I often combine all the colors that I have and do not like the result, I think I have to focus more on that.

  4. If mess = create beautiful things = stop cleaning = i love it ;)

  5. HayHay!
    Beautiful mess :-)
    Ook hier is het een "zooitje" als ik creaties aan het maken ben (en ook als ik geen creaties maak), volgens mij hoort dat erbij ;-)
    Liefs Danielle


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