Monday, October 21, 2013

Thrifty Finds

So, how lucky was I?! Yesterday (yes, on a sunday) there was a flee market in my town. I love LOVE them. And this particular time I was lucky to find some great thirfty treasures...

I love tins, as I believe I told you before... I found 4! The flowery treasure is mine now.

And yes, I also love little Playmobil children... Don't they look funny, with their little plastic wigs and outfits?? And isn't it even funnier if you meet someone with a Playmobil hairdo in real life??

Now look at these beauties. I think they're very pretty! They have old illustrations on them. Albert Heijn is a very old Dutch supermarket chain (I don't know if I explained that correctly).

Look how colorful they are... Still need to find a purpose for them though. And this is my favorite! Duh, it's the most colorful one.

But that's not all. I found 2 very romantic and pretty doilies as well! Oh, they look lovely don't they? I am planning on using the pattern and making something pretty, too. I've been wanting to do some open crochet, (or is it filet??) for quite some time now. Just needed to find the right pattern.

Did you guys have fun this weekend? Did something exciting happen? I had a great weekend! And next weekend me an my man are going out to the woods! We have our 5 year anniversary and rented a nice little wooden cabin. Am sooo looking forward to it!

Have a yellow monday!

PS: Totally forgot about the vintage alarm clock. Oh how I love the sound (and the font of the numbers). And the numbers have little dots that light up in the dark!


  1. Wat een geweldige vondsten! Als Zaanse ken ik de AH blikken natuurlijk wel, ze zijn super (en nee deze heb ik niet, wel andere)

  2. the tins are so bright and colourful!!!!
    I love the playmobil figures, too : I remember I used to play a lot with them!!!!
    happy week, xxxx Ale

  3. Какая прелесть!Нежность и изысканность!

  4. I love the AH tins! I never knew they could make something so adorable!

  5. What sweet finds! Love those tins and the crocheted linen.


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