Friday, October 4, 2013


Sorry for my absence, but it's been (and still is) a crazy busy week. Had no time to make pics or tell stories. Did have some time to crochet...

Annoyingly enough I have to get more yarn for the pastel Color Bomb baby blanket. Hopefully I will be able to get some today, so I can proceed. I'm still very much in love with it!

Anywho, I hope to have more time next week, since everyone will be in school/work again... I'm gonna go upstairs to my room right now and get CRAFTY!! I need a fix or I'll die.

Have a fun weekend!!


  1. I really love the colours you use, whenever I see these kind of colours together I always think about your crochet (I know it sounds silly!). Hope you get your fix!

  2. Lovely colors! I wish you to have more time to finish off this blankie! I know what it means to have it ;) Have a wonderful and relaxing weekend!

  3. Your colour combinations always brighten my day! I love this - so happy and uplifting. Have a lovely weekend, Jenn! Elizabeth x

  4. Love it! Ha ha at your last comment "need a crafty fix or I''ll die!"


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