Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Crochet Pattern Flower Square 8

Well, I must admit I took my time... But here it is!! The Crochet Pattern Flower Square 8. Isn't it lovely?

I think it works well in a cushion like this. If you'd like to make a cushion like this, you can also find my Cushion Cover Tutorial in the Color 'n Cream Shop.

This is a pastel cushion, but I think it will also look pretty with bright colors. Where would you use these squares for and what colors would you choose?

The Mystery Project is coming along nicely. I think it'll be done next week and I will finish the tutorial too. I also wanted to ask you guys, for the Mastering The Basics Series, is there something you need? Is there a basic technique you'd like me to explain. Like finishing off the loose ends, sewing squares together, stuff like that?

Anyway, hope you have a sunny day!


  1. This cushion looks just beautiful, Jenn. I do love the rainbow edging, it finishes it up so nicely.
    As for Mastering the Basics series, I'm really interested in seeing how you sew the squares together and also finishing the loose ends. I have a feeling I weave and weave endlessly to make sure nothing comes undone. Maybe it doesn't need so much! I also do an extra ss to secure a round after doing the initial ss to join the round together. It must be really annoying if a big finished projects starts unravelling after a few washes.
    Looking forward to seeing your mystery project!

  2. Vous avez toujours l'art de faire des choix de couleurs si jolis! Bravo!!!
    Lucie x

  3. This pastel cusion is absolutely lovely!
    I would really like to know, how you finish loose ends. I always have problem with it.

  4. This is beautifull!

    Greets, Francis

  5. Another beautiful crochet square and one that, as you said, looks great as a cushion. Loving this dries!

  6. Lovely project! What yarn are you using? Thanks!

    1. Thanks! You can find more info on yarn in the labels in the sidebar. Very shortly I will be selling lots of it in the Color 'n Cream shop.


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